Media studies scholar Erin Hill joins Olivia, Stephen, and RJ to discuss why young adult fiction is dominated by dystopia, how our K-12 education system is crippling critical thinking skills, and pretty much being old. Plus! The triumphant return of ...Read More

Mickie Cathers joins Stephen, Leonard and Olivia to discuss what to do after training a lifetime for one achievement that's over in an instant. Then we talk about self-delusion and eating your way through Wal-Mart. Plus! New segment, Hell in ...Read More

Pitchfork scribe Nate Patrin joins Andrew, Leonard and Olivia to contrast childhood hometowns vs. towns one lives in today. Leonard's ire is stoked by a combustible combo of New York talk and Southern Comfort, plus! Quickly Now! bogs down with ...Read More

Channel101 New York producer and animator extraordinaire Ed Mundy (Archer, Sealab 2021, The Electric Company, et al) joins Andrew, Stephen, and Leonard to discuss the various miseries and fleeting joys of commuting. Also: we introduce a new segment, "What's Cookin'?", which may ...Read More

Wasted Words returns! In a flourish of mysterious volume-level issues, disappearing panelists, and uncomfortable moments of silence (in other words, your average episode), RJ White (Fake Criterions) hands the hosting reins over to erstwhile panelist Shek Baker and takes a ...Read More

Guest Jaime Fountaine [] asks Leonard, Stephen, Tony and RJ about their experiences with those office ladies. You know the ones. ALSO- "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?" and a kind-of secondary topic. Plus - plugs! Read More

Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, City Pages) asks the panel whether or not today's media-saturated society is more cynical than in the past. Olivia is bored by this and we end the show. BEFORE THAT, HOWEVER- "Say, What's Good," with recommendations on ...Read More

Mike Riggs, of Reason Magazine, stops by to ask the panel what they'd rather be doing, career-wise and if they can imagine doing their current jobs for another half-decade or so. ALSO- the stunning return of "What Is Leonard Pierce ...Read More

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