AZ x Drink Champs (Episode Recap)

In this episode of Drink Champs, AZ talks about his journey in the music industry, from meeting Nas and being part of Illmatic, to his independent work and new album. MAKE SOME NOISE!! 🎉🎉🎉


  • 🎤 AZ shares his journey from meeting Nas and being part of Illmatic to his independent work and upcoming album.
  • 🚀 He discusses the transition to technology in the music industry and the impact of social media on the game.
  • 💿 AZ shares his experience with labels and the importance of staying focused and grinding in the industry.
  • 🎶 He talks about his creative process and inspiration, drawing from the memory of lost friends and using it as motivation for his music.
  • 🌟 AZ expresses his desire for an impactful collaboration with Foxy Brown and his hope to see her succeed in her career.

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