From time to time, here on Wasted Words, we invite Deke Zibinski, bartender and part-owner of the Northside Tavern in Baltimore, MD, to come on the program and answer questions from you, our dear, dear listeners.

These questions can be about anything- life, love, gardening, whatever. Something on the level of ‘Dear Abby.’ If it’s good enough for the ol’ Van Buren sisters, it’s good enough for ol’  Deke. We only ask that you please refrain from questions directly about drinking or bartending, because that’s what Deke deals with all day. Would you like it if we came to your house after work and pelted you with questions about your little hipster graphic design job or cement crushing or “unemployed”? [Note: we recently had a study done of our listener demographics. We were slightly surprised at the results.]

Please send your question to with the subject line “Ask the Bartender.” Be sure to include your name or something fake and clever, so that we can can attribute it on the air. You can also submit questions through the discussion board on the Wasted Words Facebook page.

To get an idea of the breadth of Deke’s bartenderly knowledge and wisdom, all of the shows in which he has appeared can be found here.

Thank you, and we look forward to your questions. We are here to help.