Dennis DiClaudio joins Shek, Leonard, Olivia and RJ to discuss the perils of rail travel and being mistaken for a sleeping vagrant on the subway. Leonard is apoplectic over insanely-priced beer in New York. Bartender Deke Zibinski advises on the ...Read More

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Tony Zaret joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia and RJ to talk about his hatred of the word "overrated." Seriously, you people can't be more specific? Come on. Also- Quickly Now and a rather good Word of the Week. Read More

Yes, we have finally reached show number 100. Shek, Stephen, Andrew, Leonard, Olivia and RJ head down memory lane, as old guests are phoned and there's a special announcement from an old friend of the program. We swear these will ...Read More

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Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, City Pages) and Tony Zaret join Olivia and RJ to discuss those things we would enjoy more, if it weren't for that one-little-thing holding us back. Also, Deke Zibinski is here for a new Ask the Bartender ...Read More

First off- our political endorsee, Steve Murray, running for Mayor of Toronto (, is on the phone, with some surprising news. Then, Tony Zaret shares a somewhat embarrassing- yet epic- story, involving ulcerative colitis, poor food choices in New York ...Read More

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