Steve Huey (Yacht Rock, VH1's upcoming 100 Greatest Women) comes by to ask Leonard, Olivia, Tony and RJ why those online articles about dating never seem to apply to real, actual, people. AND- Tony throws everyone for a loop in ...Read More

"Hollywood" Steve Huey [Yacht Rock] stops by to ask the panel what role friendship plays in life as you get older. Get this- they actually give some pretty good advice. ALSO: Tony Zaret lets us guess his lunch and tells ...Read More

Guest panelist "Hollywood" Steve Huey (Yacht Rock) joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia & RJ to discuss things on the internet that are over/underpriced. Also- Ted Nugent, beers of Michigan, porn, the New York Times, The Smith-Westerns and many, many other items. Read More

"Hollywood" Steve Huey (Yacht Rock) joins us to come up with a wide range of inventive solutions to everyday problems, bartender Deke Zibinski helps a listener figure out what to get a one-year-old child and Olivia steals internet from her ...Read More