Wasted Words returns! In a flourish of mysterious volume-level issues, disappearing panelists, and uncomfortable moments of silence (in other words, your average episode), RJ White (Fake Criterions) hands the hosting reins over to erstwhile panelist Shek Baker and takes a ...Read More

Guest Ramsey Ess [ramseyess.net, the Wonderful, Thanks. podcast] asks Shek, Leonard, Olivia and RJ what restaurants they'd open, given the chance. In "Say, What's Good?" you are advised toward restaurants in Louisiana and Philadelphia, graduate school acceptance letters, mac and ...Read More

Tony tells Shek, Olivia, Andrew and RJ about the ins-and-outs of doing the standup comedian thing. Also- we tell you what the heck to check out in "Say, What's Good?" SOON TO COME: Various recipes, from Tony. Read More

"Calamity" Jon Morris (ape-law.com, dcfifty-too.blogspot.com) stops by and we learn a frighteningly large amount about Australia. Also- in "Say, What's Good?" you are advised about humidifiers, online DNA testing, caramelized carrots and Brother Claude Ely. Here's a sampling of his ...Read More

Matt Vermeulen brings the issue of today's generation gap to Stephen, Andrew, Leonard and RJ. These kids today- they're hugging? They don't like sarcasm? The very idea! Also- "Say What's Good" tells you to try several things (Skins, Downton Abbey, ...Read More

Dan McQuade joins Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ to talk about the declining quality of bar jukeboxes. BEFORE THIS- "Say, What's Good?" AFTER THIS- Deke fields a question about bringing your kids to work for the "Ask the Bartender" segment. INFORMATIVE ...Read More

Dennis DiClaudio (indecisionforever.com) joins Leonard, Olivia and RJ this Thanksgiving week to discuss the importance of cooking things for yourself, particularly baked-type treats. Also- you really ought to be watching Community and the crazy number of obscure Saturday Night Live ...Read More

Tony Zaret joins Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ to discuss horrible lows followed by lofty heights. Many stories of humiliation follow. Also- Four Loko, Fox Soccer Net Plus, Band-Aids, strip clubs, Skid Row and oh, so much more. The Channel 101 ...Read More

Jon Muller joins Shek, Stephen, Andrew and RJ, as they discuss risk. Also- "Say, What's Good?", advertising and our featured Facebook group member of the week, Sam Dunham. NEW YORKERS: If you are around Nov. 10, go to the Channel 101 ...Read More

There is a new contest! You, the listener, could be a panelist! The details are in the show. Then, Matt Vermeulen joins Shek, Andrew, Olivia and RJ to talk about celebrity and our general obsessiveness with it. Also- Subway (the ...Read More