Dan McQuade [Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia magazine] asks the panel why certain sports stories break out of that realm and into the mainstream. What results is a discussion of politics, racism, the media and those little astrology books at the supermarket ...Read More

Liz Lent asks the panel if one really must act a certain way in order to get ahead in life. Also- the return of "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?" Read More

Nate Patrin joins Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ as they talk about where the country is headed. Facts and emotion! Also, "Say, what's good?" And RJ's microphone was on the wrong setting, so he is difficult to hear at times. ...Read More

First off- our political endorsee, Steve Murray, running for Mayor of Toronto (murray4mayor.biz), is on the phone, with some surprising news. Then, Tony Zaret shares a somewhat embarrassing- yet epic- story, involving ulcerative colitis, poor food choices in New York ...Read More

Wasted Words makes its first political endorsement! Steve Murray for Mayor or Burghermeister of Toronto (murray4mayor.biz)! Then, Stephen asks Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ how their hometowns shaped who they are today. Also- "Say, What's Good?", the early 90s Phoenix ...Read More

Dennis DiClaudio (indecisionforever.com) and Dan Zaret join Shek, Andrew and RJ to discuss things for which we have newfound respect. Also, racist Chicago hot dogs and new swears. Read More

Guest panelist Jess Lane! Shek and Andrew! Ask the Bartender! Discussing politics! Get rid of financial people! We all agree that Justin Timberlake's new show sounds kind of cool! Cookies! Listen below- Read More