Guest Jaime Fountaine [] asks Leonard, Stephen, Tony and RJ about their experiences with those office ladies. You know the ones. ALSO- "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?" and a kind-of secondary topic. Plus - plugs! Read More

Guest panelist "Hollywood" Steve Huey (Yacht Rock) joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia & RJ to discuss things on the internet that are over/underpriced. Also- Ted Nugent, beers of Michigan, porn, the New York Times, The Smith-Westerns and many, many other items. Read More

Tony Zaret joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia and RJ to talk about his hatred of the word "overrated." Seriously, you people can't be more specific? Come on. Also- Quickly Now and a rather good Word of the Week. Read More

Dan McQuade joins Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ to talk about the declining quality of bar jukeboxes. BEFORE THIS- "Say, What's Good?" AFTER THIS- Deke fields a question about bringing your kids to work for the "Ask the Bartender" segment. INFORMATIVE ...Read More

Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, City Pages) and Tony Zaret join Olivia and RJ to discuss those things we would enjoy more, if it weren't for that one-little-thing holding us back. Also, Deke Zibinski is here for a new Ask the Bartender ...Read More

Dennis DiClaudio ( and Dan Zaret join Shek, Andrew and RJ to discuss things for which we have newfound respect. Also, racist Chicago hot dogs and new swears. Read More

New guest panelist Myq Kaplan (, Last Comic Standing) helps Shek, Stephen and RJ try to figure out why Andrew cannot enjoy music as he once did. Also- waffles vs. pancakes, as well as birding. Read More

First-time guest panelist Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, Village Voice Pazz and Jop list, among others) joins in to discuss the value of end-of-year lists for various forms of media. Also- James Bond's most frightening villain, "Ask the Bartender" looks at disease ...Read More

Tony joins us from a bar in L.A., as we discuss why science-fiction films are usually bad, methods to keep drinking for a long time and how Cheap Trick songs don't quite fit in the mix. Plus, the winner of ...Read More

So much learning this week. Stephen tells us wondrous things we did not know about aluminum foil, salt and Andrew's teeth; Olivia picks our brains about the importance of film music; and Shek's topic has inspired some homework for next ...Read More