Mike Riggs, of Reason Magazine, stops by to ask the panel what they'd rather be doing, career-wise and if they can imagine doing their current jobs for another half-decade or so. ALSO- the stunning return of "What Is Leonard Pierce ...Read More

Mike Riggs (Reason Magazine) asks the panel why  it's so difficult to adopt a pet and how the process can be simplified. ALSO: Racism, geese, James Randi and one of Tony's neighbors apparently has a gun. Read More

Mike Riggs (DailyCaller) stops by to chat with Shek, Olivia, Leonard and RJ. What about? Well- mostly about how celebrities seem to different arc for forgiveness than us regular folk. But also: various sodas, James Ellroy, Seijun Suzuki, chili and ...Read More

Three (!) guests join Andrew and RJ - Leonard Pierce (avclub.com), Mike Riggs (dailycaller.com) and Tony Zaret- to talk about life goals, lists, Sun Ra, self-love, Day Quil and many, many other things on this week of Restoring Honor to ...Read More

Tony Zaret and Mike Riggs (dailycaller.com) join Shek, Olivia and RJ to talk about fitness, exercise, the bars of Washington, D.C. and the foolproof Zaret Morning Workout Regimen. Read More