Matt Vermeulen stops by to ask Shek, Stephen, Tony and RJ if they have any pop cultural litmus tests for the people they know. ALSO- The stunning return of "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?", with a slight breach ...Read More

Matt Vermeulen brings the issue of today's generation gap to Stephen, Andrew, Leonard and RJ. These kids today- they're hugging? They don't like sarcasm? The very idea! Also- "Say What's Good" tells you to try several things (Skins, Downton Abbey, ...Read More

There is a new contest! You, the listener, could be a panelist! The details are in the show. Then, Matt Vermeulen joins Shek, Andrew, Olivia and RJ to talk about celebrity and our general obsessiveness with it. Also- Subway (the ...Read More

Matt Vermeulen and Dan McQuade join the panel this week to discuss things conspiratorial. Black helicopters? FEMA? Did we really land on the moon? Yeah, we did. Anyway- we cover it all and try to figure out why people believe ...Read More

Guest panelists Leonard Pierce and Matt Vermeulen join us to discuss accepted pieces of wisdom that are just flat-out wrong. Also, our bartender, Deke Zibinski, counsels a woman whose chest is constantly the target of a female co-worker's eyes. The program ...Read More