Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, City Pages) asks the panel whether or not today's media-saturated society is more cynical than in the past. Olivia is bored by this and we end the show. BEFORE THAT, HOWEVER- "Say, What's Good," with recommendations on ...Read More

Steve Huey (Yacht Rock, VH1's upcoming 100 Greatest Women) comes by to ask Leonard, Olivia, Tony and RJ why those online articles about dating never seem to apply to real, actual, people. AND- Tony throws everyone for a loop in ...Read More

First- a new feature, "Ask Tony Zaret About the Television Industry," in which we talk about the chances of Community coming back and why cable channels with much lower ratings thrive. Then- we discuss nerd and geek culture and whether ...Read More

Guest panelist "Hollywood" Steve Huey (Yacht Rock) joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia & RJ to discuss things on the internet that are over/underpriced. Also- Ted Nugent, beers of Michigan, porn, the New York Times, The Smith-Westerns and many, many other items. Read More