Guest Ramsey Ess [, the Wonderful, Thanks. podcast] asks Shek, Leonard, Olivia and RJ what restaurants they'd open, given the chance. In "Say, What's Good?" you are advised toward restaurants in Louisiana and Philadelphia, graduate school acceptance letters, mac and ...Read More

Mike Riggs (Reason Magazine) asks the panel why  it's so difficult to adopt a pet and how the process can be simplified. ALSO: Racism, geese, James Randi and one of Tony's neighbors apparently has a gun. Read More

First off- our political endorsee, Steve Murray, running for Mayor of Toronto (, is on the phone, with some surprising news. Then, Tony Zaret shares a somewhat embarrassing- yet epic- story, involving ulcerative colitis, poor food choices in New York ...Read More

Guests Dennis DiClaudio ( and Dan McQuade ( join Andrew, Olivia and RJ to discuss "Carnivore's Guilt" and hating horses. Also, the "Ask the Bartender" segment tackles the tough issues of summer family vacations and entomology. Did I mention there ...Read More