Brodie Brockie stops by to ask the panel why humans have animals living in their houses. Specifically, cats. ALSO- the startling debut of a new segment, "What Is Leonard Pierce Looking at on Wikipedia?" CAN YOUR HEART STAND IT? If ...Read More

Jon Muller asks the panel how he should go about raising his impending child. That can't be good. Before that, Quickly Now! asks which natural disaster everyone would prefer. Oh and hey- a new theme song, by Ben Mullins! Read More

Mike Riggs (Reason Magazine) asks the panel why  it's so difficult to adopt a pet and how the process can be simplified. ALSO: Racism, geese, James Randi and one of Tony's neighbors apparently has a gun. Read More

Jon Muller joins Shek, Stephen, Andrew and RJ, as they discuss risk. Also- "Say, What's Good?", advertising and our featured Facebook group member of the week, Sam Dunham. NEW YORKERS: If you are around Nov. 10, go to the Channel 101 ...Read More