Dennis DiClaudio joins Shek, Leonard, Olivia and RJ to discuss the perils of rail travel and being mistaken for a sleeping vagrant on the subway. Leonard is apoplectic over insanely-priced beer in New York. Bartender Deke Zibinski advises on the ...Read More

Dennis DiClaudio ( joins Leonard, Olivia and RJ this Thanksgiving week to discuss the importance of cooking things for yourself, particularly baked-type treats. Also- you really ought to be watching Community and the crazy number of obscure Saturday Night Live ...Read More

Dennis DiClaudio ( and Dan Zaret join Shek, Andrew and RJ to discuss things for which we have newfound respect. Also, racist Chicago hot dogs and new swears. Read More

Guests Dennis DiClaudio ( and Dan McQuade ( join Andrew, Olivia and RJ to discuss "Carnivore's Guilt" and hating horses. Also, the "Ask the Bartender" segment tackles the tough issues of summer family vacations and entomology. Did I mention there ...Read More