It's the end of the year, so Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ see how Canada's Psychic Nikki did in predicting the major events of 2011. Also- a call to Deke Zibinski, of Baltimore's Northside Tavern to find out how his ...Read More

Olivia stayed up all night looking at disturbing things on the internet what were they? Listen to find out, as she discusses them with Leonard, Shek, Andrew, Tony and RJ. Also, the debut of a startlingly popular new feature, "What ...Read More

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Three (!) guests join Andrew and RJ - Leonard Pierce (, Mike Riggs ( and Tony Zaret- to talk about life goals, lists, Sun Ra, self-love, Day Quil and many, many other things on this week of Restoring Honor to ...Read More

New guest panelist Myq Kaplan (, Last Comic Standing) helps Shek, Stephen and RJ try to figure out why Andrew cannot enjoy music as he once did. Also- waffles vs. pancakes, as well as birding. Read More