Dan McQuade [Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia magazine] asks the panel why certain sports stories break out of that realm and into the mainstream. What results is a discussion of politics, racism, the media and those little astrology books at the supermarket ...Read More

Yes, we have finally reached show number 100. Shek, Stephen, Andrew, Leonard, Olivia and RJ head down memory lane, as old guests are phoned and there's a special announcement from an old friend of the program. We swear these will ...Read More

Dan McQuade joins Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ to talk about the declining quality of bar jukeboxes. BEFORE THIS- "Say, What's Good?" AFTER THIS- Deke fields a question about bringing your kids to work for the "Ask the Bartender" segment. INFORMATIVE ...Read More

Leonard Pierce (avclub.com) and Dan McQuade (philadelphiawilldo.com) join Shek, Olivia and RJ to talk about crimes they have all committed. Or not committed. A listener Asks the Bartender about a friend in a cult and we get details of the ...Read More

Guests Dennis DiClaudio (indecisionforever.com) and Dan McQuade (walkoffwalk.com) join Andrew, Olivia and RJ to discuss "Carnivore's Guilt" and hating horses. Also, the "Ask the Bartender" segment tackles the tough issues of summer family vacations and entomology. Did I mention there ...Read More

Matt Vermeulen and Dan McQuade join the panel this week to discuss things conspiratorial. Black helicopters? FEMA? Did we really land on the moon? Yeah, we did. Anyway- we cover it all and try to figure out why people believe ...Read More