These are the people who drink, then talk a lot on Wasted Words. Some are on more often than others, but all are loved equally.

Shek Baker is a writer who lives on a small rocky ledge jutting out from the bottom of Brooklyn. He is scared. Please send help.

Aaron Bleyaert:

Kevin Church:,

Allen Crawford:

Dennis DiClaudio: Comedy Central’s

Craig Gaines: The Writing Guide, Hudson and Gaines

“Hollywood” Steve Huey

Myq Kaplan:

Jess Lane:

Liz Lent: The Park Bench

Joel Levinson:

Stephen Levinson is a writer and video-maker from Dayton, Ohio. His most recent project, God & Co. is an animated retelling of Biblical stories, featuring the voices of top comics. Stephen lives in Brooklyn with his wife Hannah and their amazing cat. Check out for more info.

Andrew Lin draws and writes things, including the artwork above of people drinking and reflecting upon poor choices in their lives. His comics may be found at

Dan McQuade:

Nate Patrin:

Leonard Pierce:

David Rees (Ask the Sommelier wine expert):

Mike Riggs: The Daily Caller

Ryan Ridley: The Grandma’s Virginity Podcast

J.D. Ryznar:

Maggie Serota: Daily Urban Legend

Olivia Todd represents all drunk women everywhere. She is also a graphic designer, seller of things on Etsy, and has a blog where she poses with her cat. Yes, she makes fonts.

Matt Vermeulen

RJ White (Host)  lives in Philadelphia, where he works for a quasi-governmental authority and edits Fake Criterions and The City Desk, a website about a city that does not exist. He posts practically almost vaguely regularly at and  His work has appeared on various Web sites, @FakeAPStylebook and in a couple of books. How are you?

Mike Wilson

Dan Zaret

Tony Zaret

Deke Zibinski: Our resident bartender for the “Ask the Bartender” segment. Holds forth at the Northside Tavern in Baltimore, MD.

Claire Zulkey:

RJ White lives in Philadelphia. His work has appeared on various Web sites and in a couple of books. He hosts the Wasted Words podcast, makes Fake Criterions, edits The City Desk and occasionally writes for @FakeAPStylebook, as well as other sites