Guest Jaime Fountaine [] asks Leonard, Stephen, Tony and RJ about their experiences with those office ladies. You know the ones. ALSO- "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?" and a kind-of secondary topic. Plus - plugs! Read More

Nate Patrin (Pitchfork, City Pages) asks the panel whether or not today's media-saturated society is more cynical than in the past. Olivia is bored by this and we end the show. BEFORE THAT, HOWEVER- "Say, What's Good," with recommendations on ...Read More

Mike Riggs, of Reason Magazine, stops by to ask the panel what they'd rather be doing, career-wise and if they can imagine doing their current jobs for another half-decade or so. ALSO- the stunning return of "What Is Leonard Pierce ...Read More

Guest Ramsey Ess [, the Wonderful, Thanks. podcast] asks Shek, Leonard, Olivia and RJ what restaurants they'd open, given the chance. In "Say, What's Good?" you are advised toward restaurants in Louisiana and Philadelphia, graduate school acceptance letters, mac and ...Read More

Matt Vermeulen stops by to ask Shek, Stephen, Tony and RJ if they have any pop cultural litmus tests for the people they know. ALSO- The stunning return of "What Did Tony Zaret Have For Lunch?", with a slight breach ...Read More

Guest Matt Koff ( leads Olivia, Tony and RJ in a discussion of egging people, TP-ing houses, jerks, the use of Twitter and how video games are a massive waste of time. Fun! Also, a visit from Deke Zibinski for ...Read More

Brodie Brockie stops by to ask the panel why humans have animals living in their houses. Specifically, cats. ALSO- the startling debut of a new segment, "What Is Leonard Pierce Looking at on Wikipedia?" CAN YOUR HEART STAND IT? If ...Read More

Tony tells Shek, Olivia, Andrew and RJ about the ins-and-outs of doing the standup comedian thing. Also- we tell you what the heck to check out in "Say, What's Good?" SOON TO COME: Various recipes, from Tony. Read More

Dan McQuade [Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia magazine] asks the panel why certain sports stories break out of that realm and into the mainstream. What results is a discussion of politics, racism, the media and those little astrology books at the supermarket ...Read More

Steve Huey (Yacht Rock, VH1's upcoming 100 Greatest Women) comes by to ask Leonard, Olivia, Tony and RJ why those online articles about dating never seem to apply to real, actual, people. AND- Tony throws everyone for a loop in ...Read More