Matt Vermeulen and Dan McQuade join the panel this week to discuss things conspiratorial. Black helicopters? FEMA? Did we really land on the moon? Yeah, we did. Anyway- we cover it all and try to figure out why people believe ...Read More

Yes, we finally hit 50 shows! To celebrate, Shek and Andrew wrote a new theme song, bartender Deke Zibinski stops by to hand out advice and we get the inside story on the Oscar's Tavern story (discussed on show 43) ...Read More

Guest panelists Leonard Pierce and Matt Vermeulen join us to discuss accepted pieces of wisdom that are just flat-out wrong. Also, our bartender, Deke Zibinski, counsels a woman whose chest is constantly the target of a female co-worker's eyes. The program ...Read More

Has it been that long? Bartender Deke Zibinski discusses his concept of heaven! Shek tells us how he got better health care from a bar than a hospital for his broken arm! New guest panelist Liz Lent and old hand ...Read More

Tony joins us from a bar in L.A., as we discuss why science-fiction films are usually bad, methods to keep drinking for a long time and how Cheap Trick songs don't quite fit in the mix. Plus, the winner of ...Read More

Guest panelist Jess Lane! Shek and Andrew! Ask the Bartender! Discussing politics! Get rid of financial people! We all agree that Justin Timberlake's new show sounds kind of cool! Cookies! Listen below- Read More

Guest panelist Leonard Pierce joins us, as we discuss cheating and sex with robots in the future, things that you cannot rationally believe and what you will do when folks finally riot in the streets over the economy. Also- Deke ...Read More

So much learning this week. Stephen tells us wondrous things we did not know about aluminum foil, salt and Andrew's teeth; Olivia picks our brains about the importance of film music; and Shek's topic has inspired some homework for next ...Read More


Olivia asks about everyone's 10,000 hours of expertise, listeners' questions are asked of our bartender (Deke Zibinski, of Baltimore's Northside Tavern), Stephen wonders if we have been stood up or have stood people up, Andrew helps us look for portends ...Read More