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Tony Zaret joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia and RJ to talk about his hatred of the word "overrated." Seriously, you people can't be more specific? Come on. Also- Quickly Now and a rather good Word of the Week. Read More

Guests Dennis DiClaudio ( and Dan McQuade ( join Andrew, Olivia and RJ to discuss "Carnivore's Guilt" and hating horses. Also, the "Ask the Bartender" segment tackles the tough issues of summer family vacations and entomology. Did I mention there ...Read More

"Hollywood" Steve Huey (Yacht Rock) joins us to come up with a wide range of inventive solutions to everyday problems, bartender Deke Zibinski helps a listener figure out what to get a one-year-old child and Olivia steals internet from her ...Read More

Guest panelist Jess Lane! Shek and Andrew! Ask the Bartender! Discussing politics! Get rid of financial people! We all agree that Justin Timberlake's new show sounds kind of cool! Cookies! Listen below- Read More

Guest panelist Leonard Pierce joins us, as we discuss cheating and sex with robots in the future, things that you cannot rationally believe and what you will do when folks finally riot in the streets over the economy. Also- Deke ...Read More