Molly Eichel of the Philadelphia Daily News joins Andrew, Leonard, Olivia and RJ to try and figure out why folks get so upset about award show picks. But! Before that, the startlingly popular "What Did Tony Zaret Have for Lunch?" ...Read More

Stephen's brother Joel Levinson [] is the guest this week, and he wanted us to discuss how he hates people who homebrew in Brooklyn, hipster hobbies, preferred methods for getting ready to use the restroom and a few other things. ...Read More

Ryan Ridley (Channel 101 & The Grandma's Virginity Podcast) joins Shek, Stephen, Olivia and RJ to ask about leadership and whether or not it's worth it, especially in relation to bachelor parties. Also- a "What Did Tony Zaret Have For ...Read More

It's the end of the year, so Shek, Andrew, Leonard and RJ see how Canada's Psychic Nikki did in predicting the major events of 2011. Also- a call to Deke Zibinski, of Baltimore's Northside Tavern to find out how his ...Read More

Boy, oh boy. A rough start. Olivia has some major technical issues. In a Christmas miracle, they clear up magically. THEN WE GET GOING, BUT GOOD. So many things for you to check out from "Say, What's Good?" Then, we ...Read More

A listener question gets Tony a little hot under the collar in "Ask Tony Zaret About the Television Industry," then Shek asks the panel if being annoyed at Tim Tebow and the Broncos' success makes him a jerk. Read More

First- a new feature, "Ask Tony Zaret About the Television Industry," in which we talk about the chances of Community coming back and why cable channels with much lower ratings thrive. Then- we discuss nerd and geek culture and whether ...Read More

The week after Thanksgiving. Read More

We are currently on another brief hiatus. Thank you for your patience. Read More

"Hollywood" Steve Huey [Yacht Rock] stops by to ask the panel what role friendship plays in life as you get older. Get this- they actually give some pretty good advice. ALSO: Tony Zaret lets us guess his lunch and tells ...Read More